We at QBasic are the largest online store for pellet stoves, wood stoves and iron flues, copper flues, aluminum flues and plastic flues.

We specialize in the manufacture and sale of standard online smoke systems and, on request, also tailor-made. With us you are guaranteed a good quality flue at a low price. By purchasing in our online store you will have the right to be advised which chimney to buy according to your need or your stove. And if something goes wrong? No. Nothing goes wrong with QBasic! 100% satisfied customers.

What advantages you will have by purchasing from us:

Technical support with industry specialists;
"Made in Italy" quality flues;
From the factory directly to your home;
20 years between superior quality and warranty;
Right of withdrawal and refund;

All our flues, of course, are all of certified quality (see here). We supply double-wall and single-wall stainless steel flues, double-walled copper flues and iron flues for pellet stoves and wood stoves.

We have our own factory. That's why our chimneys are so convenient. All our flues are supplied at factory prices by paying only the shipment from the factory directly to your home.

Thanks to QBasic you have a vast catalog of tubes for pellet stoves and wood stoves. All what you are looking for can be found here. After ordering our chimneys, all you have to do is install them on your stove or fireplace and thank us because the life of all our systems is guaranteed for 20 years.

We also provide chimneys for DIY retailers, do-it-yourselfers, architects and construction companies. We are available for any kind of advice, even on Whatsapp. What are you waiting for? Contact us and order your new smoke system now!