What is a flue pipe for?

The fundamental element of a heating system is the flue.

Its function is to safely conduct the hot fumes produced by combustion to the outside, as these are highly toxic to humans.

The flue pipe is connected directly to a combustion stove or to a fireplace and can be made with multiple materials.

The flue pipe outlet must be studied and designed in a technically adequate manner, and cannot be solved by installing a simple pipe that carries the fumes outside.

How does the flue pipe work?

The flue pipe works through a process of aspiration of hot air upwards and outwards, a mechanism called draft.

An excellent draft is guaranteed by the exact same dimensions as the height and diameter of the flue pipe . If the two parameters are not identical, generally the diameter of the flue pipe must not be less than the diameter of the flue pipe mouth.

Which flue pipes to use?

There are different models of flue pipes on the market, but the best material to use for stainless flues is steel, since it is smooth and allows the smoke to slide along the walls of the draft system, without finding obstacles.

Furthermore, the most suitable shape is the circular section because it allows the smoke to be distributed homogeneously inside.

Stainless steel flue pipe maintenance?

Constant maintenance of the flue, such as the stainless steel flue pipe of QBasic fumari systems (click here), guarantees the maximum performance of the system thanks to correct operation, without economic and energy costs.

For cleaning it is advisable to rely on competent people and not on improvised "experts", nor is it advisable to do it yourself.

The maintenance of the plant consists of a general inspection and maintenance intervention, and is distinguished in the following phases:

  • View of the system if necessary with internal video inspection
  • Choice of cleaning system and necessary brushes
  • Securing the work area to prevent soot from escaping
  • Soot cleaning and removal
  • Check that fumes flow easily
  • System operation adjustment

Who to contact for the purchase of stainless flue pipes?

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