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Stainless steel chinamans hat cowl/rain cowl for flue: what is it used for?

A cowl is an essential component of an exhaust fume system. Its main function is to protect the chimney against bad weather and allow the fumes to disperse smoothly in the air. This particular cowl called a “chinamans hat cowl”, also known as “rain cowl”, is a variant that facilitates the removal and dispersion of the waste gases thanks to its large side opening.

Weathering cowls are also among the several types of cowls on the market. Weathering cowls are particularly important in areas that are frequently exposed to wind blasts since they prevent the wind from entering the flue system causing draught issues.

Weathering cowls come in different shapes and materials. Their shape mostly depends upon the amount of wind the cowl is exposed to. The two materials, that are mainly used to manufacture these cowls, are stainless steel and copper.

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Chinamans hat cowl/rain cowl, for flue

Chinamans hat cowl for flue

Why is this cowl called that?

Its name comes from the traditional chinese straw hat called "dǒu lì", because the upper part of this cowl looks like this particular asian hat.

Thanks to its shape, it has a larger side opening which means more space for the fumes to exit the exhaust duct of the generator. This component is suitable for all kinds of combustible fuels, and it works perfectly even if combined with systems with particular technical features or in areas with particular atmospheric conditions.

How much does this cowl cost?

The cost of the chinamans hat cowl or rain cowl, depends on whether it is a single or a twin wall cowl. Both of them are on sale with a 50% discount and their final prices are as follows:

  • single wall chinamans hat cowl: 17,06€ - 50% discount already applied!
  • twin wall chinamans hat cowl: 31,40€ - 50% discount already applied!

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