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Accessories for flue pipes copper

Sale of accessories for twin wall copper flue pipes of every measure and at factory-level prices. Compare our articles and our prices, you will note that the costs are among the most profitable in the market. Furthermore, for large quantities of products you can contact us for customized and tailor-made preventives.

Our accessories for twin wall copper flue pipes are all of Italian production and with the quality certified by the company, international leader in the market. The prices are reduced to the minimum in order to help you in the expense, but without renouncing the quality, ask us now more information if you have any doubts. Our experts are at your disposal to give you all the technical and commercial information you need. In addition, if you buy from QBasic, you will have at your disposal a lot of articles and accessories for every type of exhausting system. You could need more accessories for your twin wall copper flue pipe. For example, bends and joints, tee joints and brackets. You will have at your disposal a wide range of accessories for twin wall copper flue pipes.

If you couldn’t find what are you looking for, you can always contact us in order to have more information about the interested article.

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Proof cap condensation copper drain
Twin wall copper accessories

Proof cap condensation copper drain

€17.13 €38.06
CHIMNEY - FLUES - Closing cap with copper condensate drain - Qbasic sells flues at factory prices discounted from 40 to 55%. The Qbasic flue is of excellent quality, from the material to plasma welding, respects high levels of standards and finishes. All stainless steel flues are corrosion resistant as they are AISI 316L certified.

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